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n64 encylopedia

The N64 Encyclopedia
by Chris Scullion
White Owl

The fourth book in Chris Scullion’s series of video game encyclopedias, The N64 Encyclopedia is dedicated to Nintendo’s revolutionary console. The book contains detailed information on every single game released for the N64, from classics like Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, all the way to some of the more obscure titles. With over 400 games covered, generous helpings of bonus trivia and charmingly bad jokes, this is the definitive guide to a legendary gaming system.

video game consoles

Secrets of Video Game Consoles
by Michael Hart
White Owl

If you want to fill your head with plenty of knowledge about your favorite video game consoles to amaze your friends with, then this book is for you! 31 video game consoles stretching from 1972 to 2017 are covered, containing more than 235 in-depth facts, numerous other pieces of trivia and over 350 images to create a single package unlike any other that gamers of all ages will find interesting!

video game movies

A Guide to Video Game Movies
by Christopher Carton
White Owl

From bizarre science fiction like Super Mario Bros. to the latest big budget releases like Monster Hunter, and dozens in between, A Guide to Video Game Movies should please film buffs and die-hard game fans alike. Whether you’re looking for rousing blockbuster action, family-friendly entertainment or a late-night B-movie to laugh at with your friends, you’re bound to find a movie to fit your taste.

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