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Histoire and Collections

Since 1984, Histoire & Collections has grown to become the leading publisher of French-language magazines in the fields of militaria and related hobbies. In the same period, they have produced hundreds of books in both English and French. Those books have gained a reputation for excellence, both in terms of the information they contain and the unprecedented level of detail in their production.

Histoire & Collections publishes three main types of books, as follows:

Monographs, quality paperback, square spine volumes, comprising 68 up to 100 pages according to title, 200 x 240 mm or 210 x 250 mm size. This later size gathers books with more pages but a smaller retailer price than large books.

Large Books, quality hardbacks, large size (225x293 mm to 235x316 mm), between 100 to 288 pages, in a wide variety of fields. In a similar category, the volumes of L’Encyclopédie de l’Armée française (French Army Encyclopædia), 245 x 316 mm, also feature a dust jacket.

Some books and publications are available in French only, but the wealth of high quality illustrations make them a valuable purchase for enthusiasts all over the world.