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As the weather starts to cool down and the days get shorter, we are so excited about our fall lineup of books!

Check out some of our most anticipated titles below to add to your wishlist, or get a head start on your holiday shopping!

star trek book

Lost Federations
by A.J. Black

Lost Federations traces the story of unmade projects across the Star Trek franchise from the 1960s to the present day, examining why they never happened. The production of Star Trek was never an easy road, from the cancellation of the original, iconic 1960’s series, through failed revival attempts, and a 1980s-1990s heyday. But the franchise suffered a slow decline before 2009’s big-screen revival, Star Trek, staring Chris Pine.

Lost Federations maps the story of the unmade Star Trek adventures and considers how these unmade projects might have influenced not just the Star Trek franchise, but wider production trends within film and television – making a case for how much of our popular culture and entertainment has been driven by Star Trek’s almost 60-year vision, and how differently that story might have evolved.

Sew Mindful Cross Stitch
by Sophie Crabb
White Owl Books

Sew Mindful Cross Stitch combines bright and modern cross stitch projects with the calming benefits of mindfulness. Throughout her debut book, Sophie Crabb explores the idea behind crafting for calm and why it can have such a profound and positive impact on our mental wellbeing. With a total of twenty-two brand new cross stitch projects to choose from, you can stitch your way through Positive Affirmations, Mindful Messages and Self-Care Quotes.

Throughout the book, Sophie shares an honest and thoughtful account of her own wellbeing journey, reflecting on topics such as depression and anxiety to overthinking and imposter syndrome.

fiction book queen of coin and whispers sequel

Daughter of Winter and Twilight
by Helen Corcoran
The O’Brien Press

The exciting sequel to Queen of Coin and Whispers!

Magic was dormant – never dead

To some, Emri – the adopted heir and daughter of two queens – is a living reminder that her birth father tried to usurp the Edaran throne. But as she grapples with a diplomatic visit from her estranged cousin, Melisande, the two girls are attacked by a magical force and spirited away. They must put their differences aside when Emri comes face to face with a goddess she’s always considered a myth: Lady Winter.

Trapped deep within a mountain temple alongside other young royals, they face a race against time to complete Lady Winter’s trials … or die.

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