We Fought For Ardnish

A Novel

Angus MacDonald

Date Published :
September 2018
Publisher :
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ISBN : 9781780275055
Pages : 272
Dimensions : 7.7 X 5.1 inches
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After joining the the Lovat Scouts at the outbreak of the Second World War Donald Angus Gillies is sent on a mission to the Alps, where he meets Francoise, a young French Canadian SOE agent. The pair immediately form a close bond, but when Francoise is injured and captured, DA realizes his feelings for her are much, much stronger. After desperate attempts to find her, he has given up all hope. But a posting to Canada leads to some remarkable news, not just about Francoise but also about his own family.

Reunited once more, Donald Angus and Francoise plan to live together in his beloved Ardnish, but have one further mission to complete first – a mission more dangerous than anything they have ever faced before . . .

About The Author

Angus MacDonald has lived all his life in the highlands and is steeped in their tales. He served in his local regiment, the Queen’s Own Highlanders.A serial entrepreneur he was awarded the Spear’s UK entrepreneur of the year award for 2017, building businesses in publishing, renewable energy, recycling and education.He founded The Caledonian Challenge and runs The Moidart Trust, as well as being co-owner of The Highland Bookshop in Fort William.


An excellent reflection of love of one’s home and heritage. A page turner and rather difficult to put down'

- The Oban Times

An intense and bittersweet love story. Portray[s] a fascinating picture of life during the war, and the descriptions of travel from Ardnish to Canada and the Italian front combine to make this a compelling and engaging story' 

- Scottish Field

It is hard to put the book down for it is compelling reading. A captivating novel, which incorporates so much of the beautiful Highland scene and its people, along side the horrors and destructions of a war torn world. An inspiring read!'

- The Braes

We Fought for Ardnish is not only a gripping and at times horrifying adventure, a romantic story set during a terrifying war; it is also an important piece of social history. But perhaps, above all, it is a tale of the importance of true love and determination.”

- The Scots Magazine, December 2018

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