These Ghostly Archives

The Unearthing of Sylvia Plath

Gail Crowther, Peter Steinberg

These Ghostly Archives' traces the authors as they work with Sylvia Plath's archival manuscripts and personal effects in the UK and US. Scholars have mined the richness of these materials for nearly fifty years, and the authors both haunt and are haunted by their subject. The resulting discoveries may change the way readers approach Plath.
Date Published :
June 2017
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
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Color and B&W
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ISBN : 9781781555941
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 9.25 X 6.15 inches
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These Ghostly Archives offers a groundbreaking and unique look at Sylvia Plath studies. Focusing on previously unpublished material found in archives from all around the world, These Ghostly Archives aims to reconstruct the ghostly figure of Plath within our culture via unseen letters, manuscripts, photographs, places and poems. This book approaches archival studies exploring both the practical and experiential work carried out in the archive highlighting the ‘detective’ type work that it involves and the traces left behind from history. However, for the first time, this book also combines the sociological notion of ‘haunting’ – that is, the archive as a location where both the researchers haunt the research subject and in turn are haunted by the traces left behind. Never is material culture more powerful than when associated with the dead. Never is the archive more ghostly than when haunted by the absent presence of Plath. This book showcases the necessity to leave no archival box or folder left unopened, and how the researcher and the archive can change even though its documents might stay the same.

About The Author

Dr Gail Crowther is the author of several papers and chapters on Sylvia Plath and co-author of ‘Sylvia Plath in Devon: A Year’s Turning’ published by Fonthill Media.

Archivist Peter K. Steinberg is co-editor of The Letters of Sylvia Plath, a forthcoming two-volume edition published by Faber & Faber. He is the author of the biography Sylvia Plath (2004) published by Chelsea House, as well as articles and introductions to works by and about Sylvia Plath. Steinberg owns the oldest, continuously updated website for Sylvia Plath A celebration, this is (, and the Sylvia Plath Info Blog (

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