The Skipper's Pocketbook

A Pocket Database For The Busy Skipper

Basil Mosenthal, Sara Hopkinson

A pocket database of everything a busy skipper needs to know but might find hard to remember.
Date Published :
March 2018
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Series :
Nautical Pocketbooks
Illustration :
35 color photos & 180 diagrams
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ISBN : 9781912177066
Pages : 112
Dimensions : 8.27 X 3.94 inches
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A pocket database containing everything a busy skipper needs to know but might find hard to remember. It is easy to take for granted how much a skipper needs to know : Navigation, how to pilot the boat into a new harbour, using the radio, checking the engine, keeping an eye out for things that need repair, monitoring the weather, feeding the crew and much, much more!

This pocketbook is designed as an aide-memoire with checklists to make life easier for busy skippers and a must-have reference for first-time skippers. It should also prove an invaluable reference book for the RYA Yachtmaster syllabus. The book has been helping skippers for nearly 20 years and has now been edited and thoroughly updated by Yachtmaster Instructor and Examiner, Sara Hopkinson. (RYA and Yachtmaster are registered trademarks of the Royal yachting Association.)

About The Author

Basil Mosenthal has sailed extensively in all the oceans of the world. After serving in the Royal Navy, where he was able to race offshore extensively, Basil became a partner in one of the first yacht delivery firms in the USA, and after many thousands of miles sailing, he became a consultant in the management of large yachts. He has written many books about sailing, including Fernhurst Books’ best-selling Cockpit Companion and popular New Crew’s Companion.

Sara Hopkinson is an experienced sailor, a Yachtmaster Instructor and Examiner and lives at Pin Mill in Suffolk where she runs an RYA Training Centre which specialises in navigation, radio, radar and first aid courses. She has also been a Coastguard Rescue Officer for many years and is now the Deputy Station Officer of HM Coastguard, Holbrook. She is also the author of Fernhurst Books’ VHF Afloat and Navigation: A Newcomer's Guide.


“It is a handy reference guide, a fantastic aide-memoire. Don’t let it stray far from your pocket or the cabin/cockpit. Could save much cursing; might even save your life”

- Sailing Magazine

“Whether you’re putting to sea in your own boat for the first time or have years of experience, this is a handy reference guide to ship in your pocket or keep on board.”

- Sailing Today

“The Skipper’s Pocketbook shoehorns generous coverage of many topics into a small volume… all in an easy to understand, concise fashion, and the use of many full colour diagrams help the reader quickly absorb the points.”

- Yachting Life, March 2018

“It contains all of the useful lights, sounds and shapes, as well as instructions to work out tidal heights, position fixing, course to steer, etc. There is also some really useful general information on meteorology, seamanship, knots and basic maintenance. In short… the next best thing to having an instructor onboard. Even if you are not undertaking a course, The Skipper’s Pocketbook, even in this digital age, is a must for anyone new to boating or looking to refresh their theoretical skills.”

- Motorboat Owner, March 2018

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