The Privatisation of Security in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Twana Bawa

Date Published :
September 2015
Publisher :
University of Buckingham Press
Illustration :
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Kurdistan is technically a federal region of Iraq - a weak state in dire need of security sector reform. This highly topical and relevant contribution to international relations argues that its future is dependent on the private security industry to help develop and pave the way for foreign investment, and even its establishment as a nation state. The private security industry has expanded exponentially in recent years. This raises a number of issues, of which the question of regulation is the most important. There is no international legislation that specifically deals with private security companies. In the Kurdistan region of Iraq it is clear that specific laws regarding the activities and conduct of private security companies must be created in order properly to regulate the industry and help prevent abuses from being committed by those who can operate in a legal vacuum. This is especially pertinent in this region owing to the weakness of the security sector since the Iraq war of 2003. This book argues that the future of Kurdistan is dependent on the private security industry to help develop state security and pave the way for foreign investment. Very little research has been carried out in on this issue and there is scant information regarding the private security industry in the region. Dr. Twana Bawa has carried out substantive research, interviewing key figures in the security sector and drawing on information from existing regulatory practices in order to develop an indicative model highlighting the key elements that should appear in a viable law concerning the regulation of the private security industry. This book will be of interest to students of international relations, of civil, national and international security, police academies, law enforcement and security management. Security studies is an expanding discipline with growing contributions from a variety of academic circles and at the core of the subject is a debate of what issues should be included.


"This doctoral thesis examines the important role played by private security companies in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and proposes an indicative framework for the domestic regulation of the industry. The author draws on first-hand knowledge of the region to quantify the current security situation in Kurdistan, expose weaknesses in the current regulatory framework, and contrast Kurdistan’s situation with recent failures in Africa involving the use of private military companies."

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