The Pocket Guide to Scandals of the Aristocracy

Andy Hughes

Date Published :
April 2012
Publisher :
Remember When
Series :
Pocket Guides
Illustration :
50 b/w illustrations
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We were going to call this a Pocket Guide to Noble Scandals but there’s nothing noble about these aristocrats. Tales of greed, list, murder and mayhem litter the pages of Andy Hughes’ must-read book. Whether it’s gambling away their family’s fortune, writing racy poems and shocking decent people, the aristocracy have been at the center of scandals for centuries, abusing their position of power to take advantage of everyone else – or kill those who get in their way. This Pocket Guide to Scandals in the Aristocracy is a race through history, divided into eras to introduce the best – and worst – scurrilous tales from Francis Lovell being bricked up alive in his stately home to the ongoing mystery of Lord Lucan and delicious (but true) gossip which delighted readers when the aristocrats were thinly disguised in the novels of their day. Bring history alive with this fact-filled guide.

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About The Author

Andy K. Hughes has worked as a journalist for almost twenty years, working for organisations such as ITN, the BBC and London's LBC Radio; his voice has also been heard on Classic FM in the UK as well as on National Public Radio in the U.S; in addition to this he has also been a regular contributor to several well-known magazines. Andy, who has four sons, studied history at university and lives in High Wycombe with his wife Bridget.

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