The Plum Rains

The Plum Rains

And Other Stories

John Givens

"Givens' remarkable collection of stories, each one set in 17th century Japan, are steeped in the ancient lore and customs of that far off era, as samurai Japan begins it awkward, halting dance with the complicating influences of the west.... Givens simply writes unforgettably lyrical stories The Irish Voice
Date Published :
October 2012
Publisher :
The Liffey Press
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781908308160
Pages : 212
Dimensions : 8.4 X 5.4 inches
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“Japan in the 17th century was a relatively peaceful place, unified by the Tokugawa family in 1601 after many centuries of feudal warfare. The resultant peace, however, left many men who had lived by the sword, the samurai class, out of work, and since samurai were not permitted to work at anything else, many became destitute and roamed the countryside; some even turned their hands to poetry and calligraphy. This stability also ensured the rise of the merchant classes, an explosion of the arts from theatre to poetry, and a growth in trade for courtesans who inhabited ‘the floating world of desire’. It is into this remote world and in particular the last decade of that century, that John Givens breathes a whole new life, in his book of short stories exploring the characters of that era, from courtesans to bandits, monks, brigands and rogue samurai.... Givens is not just a gifted storyteller – these stories are freighted with a deep knowledge and cultural understanding of Japan....Givens' prose and dialogues are so authentic that it's almost as if these stories were handed down or were translated from original sources.” – Joseph Woods, The Irish Times

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