The Hokey Pokey Man

The Hokey Pokey Man

Anita Arcari

A moving and poignant family saga spanning several generations in Italy and Wales. The hopes and struggles of a young man as he leaves his beautiful native mountain home to find his fortune in a land which is alien to him.
Date Published :
December 2010
Publisher :
Y Lolfa
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781847712578
Pages : 384
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An emotional family saga spanning generations and set against the backdrop of two world wars in Europe. "The Hokey Pokey Man" follows the fortunes of Tino, a young peasant boy from the sunny mountains of southern Italy, whose destiny lies in the bustling city of London and the vibrant seaside town of Swansea. This evocative story is touched with poignancy, a bitter-sweet account of love and loss, shattered dreams and irredeemable regrets. Yet it is alive with laughter and hope for the future, a colorful journey of personal growth for Tino with a promise of great rewards. But will it also cost him the things he values above all else - the love of his sweetheart Mara and the safety and happiness of his family in Italy? Author Anita Arcari has drawn on her own family history to create a moving fiction with an unmistakable ring of truth.

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