The Game Cook

Recipes inspired by a conversation in my butcher's shop

Norman Tebbit

Date Published :
December 2017
Publisher :
Grub Street Cookery
Contributor(s) :
Debby Mason
Illustration :
illustrated throughout
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ISBN : 9781910690444
Pages : 240
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On visiting his local butcher, Norman Tebbit, food lover and family cook, wondered why people would rather buy tasteless, factory-farmed chicken when they could eat good-quality game, often for less money. ‘I think mostly,' replied the butcher, ‘it’s because they don't know how to cook them – and they think it would be very difficult.’ First published in 2009 and unavailable for many years, this is a revised, updated and redesigned edition, now containing new recipes, of this immensely popular cookbook. Norman Tebbit showcases his favorite game recipes including pheasant, partridge, duck, grouse, wood pigeon, woodcock, deer, rabbit and many more. Whether the recipe is a relatively simple casserole, or a more challenging dish, the easy-to-follow style guarantees consistent results. The book also includes a concise guide to game, instructions on preparation, advice on kitchen equipment, handy conversion charts, and individual hints and tips on the various game included. Written with humor, The Game Cook is a practical handbook of mouth-watering recipes for eco-cooks, traditional food-lovers and those who are looking for some money-saving ways to provide tasty, wholesome meat dishes to the family.

About The Author

Lord Norman Tebbit is a former Member of Parliament for Chingford. He is a keen amateur cook and a fan of Delia Smith, Jane and Sophie Grigson, and the author of several other books.

Debby Mason has been a printmaker for over 25 years, specializing in etchings and mezzo-tints. She lives and works near Plymouth, beside Hooe Lake. More of her work can be found on her website:

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