The Everyday Life of the Templars

The Knights Templar at Home

Helen Nicholson

The lives of the medieval Templars seem hidden and mysterious. Helen Nicholson discovers their everyday world set out in the early fourteenth-century records from their trial: from buildings, food and drink, to employees, tenants and making money. Drawing this evidence together, she produces a fascinating insight into the lives of these famous men.
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September 2017
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Fonthill Media
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The Knights Templar did not write about themselves, or keep diaries, so you would be forgiven for thinking there would not be much to know about their everyday lives. However, the records of the Templars’ estates tell us how they lived—from the buildings they lived in and their furnishings, to the books and ornaments in their chapels, and their clothes and crockery. These early fourteenth-century records tell us about the men and women who worked for the Templars on their lands and in their houses, their tenants, and the people who owed them money. We can see what animals they kept, from fine warhorses to hard-working plough animals, alongside cattle, pigs, and vast flocks of sheep. Drawing on these records, along with archaeological evidence and the Templars’ own regulations, Helen Nicholson sets out to reconstruct how the Templars lived from day to day, in both the Middle East and Western Europe. The result is a fascinating insight into the everyday lives of these pious men, who were not powerful nobles or churchmen, yet held great influence in medieval Europe.

About The Author

Prof. Helen J. Nicholson teaches at the University of Cardiff and is a leading international researcher on the history of the Knights Templar. She has written several books on the Templars, including Knight Templar (2004) and A Brief History of the Knights Templar (2010), and has published a new edition and translation of the records of the Templars’ trial in Britain and Ireland, The Proceedings against the Templars in the British Isles (2011). She is currently studying the early fourteenth-century records of the Templars’ estates in England and Wales.


“The result is a fascinating insight into the everyday lives of these pious men, who were not powerful nobles or churchmen, yet held great influence in medieval Europe. An impressively informative and seminal work of compelling scholarship, "The Everyday Life of the Templars" is unreservedly recommended for personal, community, and academic library History Collections in general, and Knights Templar supplemental studies reading lists in particular.”

- Midwest Book Review, January 2018

“…an exhaustively researched yet surprisingly brief tome that casts light on the day-to-day workings of Templar life. A lot of fascinating forensic detective work is involved in piecing together the wealth of information contained here, screening out propaganda both good AND bad to share hard-won truths about Templar routines, rituals, and interactions with the world. This, more than anything else I’ve read, brought the Templars to life and made them feel like a real part of history, not just the mythic sword-swinging icons of centuries past.”

- Manhattan Book Review

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