The Celts and All That

Alan Burnett, Allan Burnett

New for the And All That series, this book delves into the history of the Celts.
Date Published :
October 2016
Publisher :
BC Books
Contributor(s) :
Scoular Anderson
Series :
The And All That Series
Illustration :
b/w illustrated throughout
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ISBN : 9781780273921
Pages : 112
Dimensions : 7.85 X 5.1 inches
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The Celts and All That is a book bursting with blood-curdling battles and dead important details about the ancient Celts. Everything you need to know about human sacrifice and headhunting is all here - plus a recipe for making your own Celtic bog butter! Packed with incredible illustrations of everything from iron-age jewellery to timber fortresses, this is an essential guide to a brilliant bunch of ancient Europeans who shaped our world. The Celts had roads, technology and inventions long before the Romans turned up - but did they also run around naked, as the Romans claimed? You'll find an intriguing answer to that and many other crucial questions inside. Plus you'll learn to tell the difference between Celtic myths and historical facts - but you'll also love the magical legends of Celtic heroes and villains, warrior princesses and monster slaying wizards.

About The Author

Allan Burnett is a freelance writer and editor. He has worked as deputy editor for the Scottish Standard and as deputy foreign editor for the Sunday Herald. He is currently editor of historical supplements for the Sunday Herald and is the author of Robert Burns And All That, Macbeth And All That, Mary Queen of Scots And All That, Bonnie Prince Charlie And All That, St Columba And All That, William Wallace And All That and Rob Roy And All That.

Scoular Anderson is one of Scotland's best-known and best-loved children's authors and illustrators. He has been published widely by many UK publishers and makes regular appearances at book festivals and children's events

Allan Burnett is a freelance writer and editor based in Sweden. He has worked as deputy editor for the Scottish Standard and as deputy foreign editor for the Sunday Herald. He is the author of a number of bestselling children's history books, including World War I Tales of Adventure, World War II Tales of Adventure, The Story of Scotland and Invented in Scotland (all Birlinn).

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