The Boy Who Could Keep a Swan in His Head

John Hunt

A beautifully written Bildungsroman, The Boy Who Could Keep a Swan in His Head is also an homage to the redemptive
Date Published :
July 2018
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781415209660
Pages : 288
Dimensions : 5 X 8 inches
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This is a story of Phen, aged 11, who lives in Hillbrow in 1967. He loves reading and words the way other boys love racing cars and soccer. He can, almost literally, live in a book as he devours its pages. This is just as well as he stutters badly and has a sick father whose head lives in a library. Stephen is forced to live out his own story as he befriends a hobo in the local park called Heb 13:2. This eccentric angel offers unorthodox advice as the boy's life spins deeper and deeper into turmoil. Forced to grow up much quicker than other boys his age, Phen's friendship with Heb will guide him towards adulthood in such a way that one starts to suspect Heb, whose name is short for Hebrews 13:2 ("Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares), who might be an angel came to live among men.

About The Author

John Hunt is the author of the novel The Space Between the Space Between and is the co-founder of the advertising agency network TBWA\Hunt Lascaris and is currently Worldwide Creative Director of TBWA. In 1993 he was intimately involved in Nelson Mandela's first election campaign. The author of a number of television dramas, he was also named South African Playwright of the Year for Vid Alex. His book The Art of the Idea, which celebrates the power of ideas to move the world forward, has been translated into several languages. He lives and works in Johannesburg

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