Sustainable Rose Garden

A Reader in Rose Culture

Date Published :
January 2011
Publisher :
Editor :
Peter Kukielski, Pat Shanley, Gene Waering
Contributor(s) :
Maria Cecilia Freeman
Illustration :
32 pages color illustrations
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781935149163
Pages : 288
Dimensions : 10 X 7 inches
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The Sustainable Rose Garden - A Reader in Rose Culture was awarded the World Federation of Roses Literary Award at the 16th World Federation of Rose Societies Convention, which took place October 2012 in South Africa.

The guide to creating a NEW generation of American roses . . .

This work brings together experts from around the world to inform gardeners about developments in the new—irresistible yet long overdue—trend toward creating environmentally friendly yet enduring rose gardens, with “sustainability” as the key.

Pick up any popular gardening magazine and browse through it. Chances are you will soon encounter one word—"sustainability." Sustainability has, indeed, become the catchword of 21st century gardening. And for tens of millions of environmentally conscious gardeners it has become a "must" goal, rapidly being realized as part of the much heralded NEW GARDENING. This means gardening that is consciously aware of the dangerous health and environmental risks posed by using traditional synthetic chemicals and pesticides, and that seeks to return to the principles of Mother Nature, while also growing low-maintenance plants that make fewer demands on environmental resources.

The Queen of Flowers, the rose—by Presidential declaration America's National Floral Emblem—was initially left behind as “green consciousness” and the concept of sustainability took hold among the gardening public. But the rose is now making up for lost time. From the workshops of breeders—both in the U.S. and abroad—a new generation of disease-resistant and low-maintenance rose varieties has emerged in the last decade to fill popular demand.

In this book, you will learn how to make your own sustainable rose garden. With 38 lavishly illustrated articles and descriptions of the best new (as well as old) rose varieties designed for the sustainable rose garden, this is a must-have book for today's new generation of avid but environmentally conscious gardeners.

About The Author

Pat Shanely lives and gardens in Locust Valley, NY. She is the American Rose Society NY District Director.


Foreword - Marilyn Wellan
Introduction: Winston & Roses - Pat Shanley

Growing Tea Roses - Lynne Chapman, Noelene Drage, Di Durston, Jenny Jones, Hillary Merrifield, Billy West
A Close Look at Tea Roses -Lynne Chapman, Hillary Merrifield and Billy West
Hennessey Revisited: Sustainability, or The Accidental Environmentalist -James Delahanty
Rose Poems by Emily Dickinson -Historic Disease and Pest Control among Roses -Alice Flores
Rose Studies: Watercolors and Drawings Documenting the Genus Rosa -Maria Cecilia Freeman
Tea and Roses -Bill Grant
Earth-Kind® Rose Trials — Identifying the World’s Strongest, Most Beautiful Landscape Roses - Derald A. Harp, David Zlesak, Gaye Hammond, Steve George, and Wayne Mackay
Charmed by the “Thereness” of My Roses -Pat Henry
Beautiful Foliage, an Important Design Element - Janet Inada
Secret Garden Musk Climber - Jeri Jennings
Rodents versus Roses - Jeri Jennings
The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden’s Dual Mission of Disease Resistance and Protecting ‘Eva’ - Peter E. Kukielski
The Roosevelt Island Rose Garden - Marjorie Marcallino
Health in David Austin’s English Roses - Michael Marriott
Mankind’s Second-Oldest Occupation (Cont’d.) - Clair G. Martin iii
The Birth of a Rose Garden - Karl Mckoy
Soil and Water and Roses - Dan Mills
Notes from the Sacramento Historic Rose Garden - Barbara Oliva
A Life Filled with Roses - William M. Patterson
The Pillar Rose - William Paul (1822–1905)
Report on Kordes® ADR Roses in the United States, 2010 - Gary Pellett
Sustainable Gardening Practices at the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden - Jill Perry and Brian Debasitis
Memoirs of a Condo Rose Grower and Composter: Containers for Roses - Ellen Spector Platt
Talking about My Work with Roses - William J. Radler
The Days of … Chickens and Roses? - Ron Robertson
Garden Valley Ranch Compost Tea Program - Ron Robertson
An Accidental Sustainable Rose Garden - Stephen Scanniello
The Historical Significance of ‘Knock Out’ - Pat Shanley
Probiotic Rose Growing - John Starnes
Etiquette of the Rose Rustle - Allison Strong
It’s Only Water! - Billy Styles and Alan Talbert
Fire Ants versus Molasses - Betty Vickers
Sustainable Rose Growing and the Breeding of New Roses: The View from India - Viru Viraraghavan
Sustainability Genes: Breeding the Blackspot-Resistant Rose - Vance Whitaker
A Century (or Two) of Hybrid Musks - Jeff Wyckoff



"...a read that is very much recommended for the environmentally conscious rose lover."

- Midwest Book Review, February 2011

"…a fascinating and informative book for anyone who loves roses but wants to avoid spraying them with toxic chemicals."

- The American Gardener, March 2011

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