Silver Skin

Joan Lennon

Sci fi meets prehistory in this extraordinary story of a time-travelling boy from the future who accidentally ends up in Neolithic Scotland.
Date Published :
July 2015
Publisher :
BC Books
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781780272849
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 7.7 X 5.1 inches
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Skara Brae, Orkney, during the Neolithic period. The sun is dying, crops are failing and the local inhabitants fear that the end of the world is near. When a strange boy appears from nowhere, dressed in an odd silver suit - his 'silver skin' - the community is thrown into confusion. Who is he, where is he from, and why has he come? Is he a selkie or seal person, a mythical being believed to have magical powers? For Cait, herself an outsider in the community, the boy, Rab, arouses a strange fascination as she finds herself strangely drawn towards him. For Voy, the Old Woman, Rab represents the only hope for the sun's regeneration, but only if his silver skin is burnt in a huge sacrificial blaze. As the pyre is built, Rab must fight for his life if he is ever to be able to return to his own time. And if he succeeds, what will be the fate of the islanders he will leave behind?

About The Author

Joan Lennon is a well-known writer of novels, poetry and short stories who has appeared all over the UK at book festivals, libraries and schools, where she gives talks and leads workshops for readers and writers of all ages. She has been a Hawthornden Fellow, the Jessie Kesson Fellow, a resident at the Chateau de Lavigny, and has received a Creative Scotland Writer’s Bursary. She is the author of Silver Skin (BC Books, 2015) which was shortlisted for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize.


This really is a book which satisfies on a great many levels

- Sue Purkiss, A Very Big Blog Adventure

Refreshingly original', 'Fascinating, absorbing and exciting to read.

- Bookbag

Joan Lennon spins a damn good yarn

- Electric Eclectic

a fabulous read

- The Bookwitch

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