Murders That Shocked the World - 80s

Murders That Shocked the World - 80s

Stuart Qualtrough

Chilling accounts of the worst crimes of the 1980s.
Date Published :
April 2020
Series :
Murders That Shocked the World
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Any murder is an horrific crime but some homicides are so shocking, so grisly or so unusual that they grab headlines all over the world.

Stuart Qualtrough details the most horrendous murders that took place during the decade of New Wave and permed hair in
Murders That Shook the World – 1980s. Among the criminals profiled are serial killers Andrei Chikatilo, Fred West and Dennis Nilsen, while the unsolved murders of Adam Walsh, Julie Ward and Peter Ivers are investigated.

About The Author

Stuart Qualtrough is a writer and researcher who lives with his family in Derbyshire.