Captain Starlight

The Strange but True Story of a Bushranger, Imposter and Murderer

Jane Smith

Date Published :
September 2016
Publisher :
Big Sky Publishing
Illustration :
Highly Illustrated B/W Maps and Images
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ISBN : 9781925275308
Pages : 300
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Perth, 1899: a respected public servant mistakes a bottle of cyanide for his heart medicine, swallows it and dies. Months later on the other side of the country, a prisoner of Pentridge gaol with the same name as the deceased reads of the inquest with alarm. He writes to the coroner with his suspicions: the supposedly upstanding government accountant was an impostor - an ex-con - who had stolen his identity and deceived people at the highest level. The claims sent the authorities into a spin; who really was the deceased? Was it possible he was the bushranger known as ‘Captain Starlight' who, thirty years earlier, had callously murdered a policeman and been sentenced to hang? How had he pulled off the subterfuge and what other secrets remained hidden? As the investigation unfolds, the remarkable life and crimes of Captain Starlight, committed across four states of Australia under countless aliases, are revealed. Author Jane Smith's meticulous research reveals the stranger than fiction story of a compulsive liar and serial imposter: a doctor, a stockman and an accountant - and a bushranger, forger, con-man and killer. It is a true story of murder and deceit that reveals new information and presents, for the first time, a theory as to the real identity of the bushranger known as ‘Captain Starlight'.

About The Author

Jane Smith is a school librarian at Concordia Lutheran College in Toowoomba, Queensland and an avid historical researcher and lover of Australian history. She grew up in Brisbane and started her career as a physiotherapist practising in New South Wales, before moving back to Queensland and retraining as a librarian. Jane’s fascination with Australian history inspired her to write her Australian Bushranger series to share the colourful lives of these bushranging legends with younger readers, and show kids that history is far from boring and sometimes truth is even more entertaining than fiction. Her meticulous research helped her to uncover new facts and dispel many of the myths that have surrounded these characters for years.Jane is married and has two adult children. Jane enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to live music, singing in a community choir and relaxing with her family and cat. She loves visiting old houses and for over a decade has enjoyed meeting with a group of loyal friends for their ‘Book Club’ meetings – the perfect way to share a love of reading, coffee, cake and of course friendship.

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