From the Flying Squad to Investigating War Crimes

Ron Turnbull

For over ten years he was first on the scene when a murder was committed in south London.
Date Published :
February 2020
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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32 black and white illustrations
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For over ten years he was first on the scene when a murder was committed in south London. In the confusion and horror of the crime scene he identified the forensic clues that would later be needed to convict the killer in the calm and measured atmosphere of the Old Bailey; calling out the necessary experts from pathologists to ballistics specialists; protecting the scene against contamination. One slip and a case would crumble; one moment of inspiration and the Yard would have its man.

He was the natural choice when the UN were looking for an experienced detective to create a trail of evidence linking the mass graves of Bosnia to the people who ordered the worst war crimes seen in Europe since the Second World War.

From the Flying Squad to Investigating War Crimes tells of the rise of forensic evidence against the true story backdrop of a detective who has spent a career at the front line in the war against murder – the ultimate crime. It traces the development of forensic science and techniques from the days of the fingerprint to the battery of tests now available to homicide investigators. It is told in the no nonsense style of a pioneer cop who has seen the worst that human beings can do to each other.

About The Author

Ron Turnbull received several high commendations from the Metropolitan Police Commissioner plus a UN Kosovo campaign medal and UN Kosovo medal for Services of Peacekeeping as a result of this work. Ron Turnbull is not the gung-ho detective of popular fiction and television, bursting down doors in dawn raids or seizing dangerous men at gun point, although as a younger man he had more than his share of high velocity action with two tours on The Sweeney. His job as a 'forensic' detective was to give the dead a voice that would be heard in court and to convict the guilty from the grave. “A dead body talks if you ask it the right questions,” he says.

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