This is South Africa

Peter Borchert

Lavish photography and interesting captions depict South Africa's burgeoning cities, vast rural spaces and iconic landforms, and the lives, history and endeavours of the multi-cultural peoples.
Date Published :
October 2018
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
Contributor(s) :
Jean du Plessis, Roger de la Harpe
Series :
This is …
Illustration :
full-color photographs + 1 map
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ISBN : 9781775845157
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 11 X 8.5 inches
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In a diverse country such as South Africa, the national, regional and local flavours and landscapes together make up a colourful mosaic. This lavishly colourful, updated edition of This is South Africa offers glimpses into the burgeoning cities, views of the vast rural spaces and iconic landforms that underpin the region, and insight into the lives, history and endeavours of the multi-cultural peoples.
Interesting captions accompany the spectacular photographs, giving readers – be they newcomers to the region or tourists – a memorable vision of this fascinating and beautiful land.

About The Author

Peter Borchert is an independent commentator, publisher, conservationist and lifetime protagonist for the value of Africa’s wild places and cultural heritage. His media and publishing career spans some 45 years. As the founder and publisher of Africa Geographic magazine, he won high regard for his vision, probing editorials and as a commentator on and about Africa. Over the past six years he has also pioneered the scripting and presentation of digital content. Peter is widely travelled in Africa and has long promoted nature-based tourism as a cornerstone of economic prosperity for the continent.

A press photographer for more than 30 years, Jean du Plessis has shot everything from fashion in China, to the Springboks in New Zealand to lions in the Serengeti. He has recorded the comings and goings of celebrities from Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, to PW Botha and Nelson Mandela. Jean and his camera have travelled from Taipei to Bali to Sydney and all over Europe, but he is particularly known for his photography of southern Africa, its arresting landscapes and its diverse people.

Roger left behind a career in heavy engineering and joined the Natal Parks Board (now Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife) as a ranger, later becoming their photographer. Now a freelance photographer and writer, he has over the years made numerous excursions into various regions of the African continent. With a passion for natural history, wild places and different cultures, his work has been featured in a range of local and international publications including. Roger and his partner Pat own and manage Africa Imagery, an image library which has comprehensive coverage of Africa's natural history, travel, culture.

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