The Rainforests Of Britain And Ireland

A Traveller's Guide

Clifton Bain

In beautiful prose and stunning color photographs, this book explores the rainforests that run along the west coasts of Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland.
Date Published :
May 2016
Publisher :
Sandstone Press
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ISBN : 9781910124260
Pages : 256
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A fascinating look at the mixed oak, birch, and other woodlands that line the west coasts of Scotland, Northern England, Wales, and Ireland. Correctly described as a rainforest, these trees take a higher rainfall than some areas of the Brazilian rainforest. Since the Ice Age, they have provided resource for the human population, habitat for animals and birds, and acted as a lung for the planet. The Rainforests of Britain and Ireland is illustrated with maps, original artwork, and travel guidance. Color illustrations throughout.

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