The Passion of Harry Bingo

Further Dispatches from Unreported Scotland

Peter Ross

Quirky, hilarious, always engaging and often moving, The Passion of Harry Bingo encounters some of Britain's least known but amazing characters.
Date Published :
June 2018
Publisher :
Sandstone Press
Contributor(s) :
Val McDermid
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ISBN : 9781910985816
Pages : 320
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Quirky, hilarious, always engaging, and often moving, these articles enter the lives of some of Britain's least known but most amazing characters: the Sikh pipe band and Wall of Death riders, herring queens and drag queens, crazy golfers and Harry Bingo himself, still following Partick Thistle in his nineties. This second selection of Peter Ross's sideways looks at life in Scotland and beyond follows the acclaimed Daunderlust.

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