The Ancient Pinewoods Of Scotland

A Traveller's Guide

Clifton Bain

A beautiful and lavishly illustrated guide to the surviving Caledonian pinewoods in the Scottish highlands.
Date Published :
October 2013
Contributor(s) :
Darren Rees, Vanessa Collingridge
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ISBN : 9781908737250
Pages : 224
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Scattered across the Scottish Highlands are the last surviving remnants of the Caledonian Forest, naturally seeding and growing since the last ice age. Visiting these ancient woods provides an emotional connection to the past with visible traces of the people who lived and worked there over the centuries. There is also a chance to look forward, after one of the greatest conservation success stories means a new future for the pinewoods and their spectacular wildlife. This journey to the pinewoods introduces a natural wonder alongside a rich cultural heritage. Lavishly illustrated with many color photographs, maps, and drawings by wildlife artist Darren Rees.

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