On Foot Through Clydesdale

Ian C. Lees

A beautiful facsimile edition of a classic book about Lanarkshire, based on the author's ramblings through the county in the 1920s and 30s.
Date Published :
September 2015
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Contributor(s) :
John White, David Carvel, John Carvel, David Carvel, John Carvel
Illustration :
b/w line drawings; maps
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ISBN : 9781780273303
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 7.1 X 4.55 inches
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First published in 1932, Iain C. Lees's book On Foot through Clydesdale is a fascinating and delightful introduction to the history, folklore, traditions and landscape of Lanarkshire - a county often assumed to have been blighted by collieries, steelworks, factories and other industrial enterprises. Yet Clydesdale has areas of extraordinary natural beauty, including the world-famous Falls of Clyde, considered to be one of the most romantic spots in the country.Clydesdale's past is also full of historical resonances - the Romans were much in evidence there; William Wallace lived there; Covenanters hid there; and the area was of crucial importance during the Industrial Revolution.Iain C. Lees explores the well-known parts as well as the hidden gems of Clydesdale in this delightful, nostalgic travel classic.

About The Author

Iain C. Lees (the pseudonym for John Lees Carvel) was born in 1895. He was the author of a number of books about Scotland, including the Campsies and the Land of Lennox and Byways from Tyne to Tay. Under his own name he also wrote a number of books on Scottish industry. Carvel was sub-editor of the Scottish Daily Express and political correspondent of the London Evening Star. He died in 1959.


Lees maintains a brisk stride, showing a keen appreciation of landscape and an ear for local lore' 

- Stewart Conn, TLS

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