Sail Away

How to escape the rat race and live the dream

Nicola Rodriguez

Inspiration and practical advice to help you escape the daily grind, guiding you through the planning for and enjoyment of the adventure of a lifetime. This essential guide contains information on everything the 21st century blue-water sailor needs to consider, from choosing a boat to crossing oceans, including safety, communications and budgeting.
Date Published :
January 2012
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Illustration :
97 Halftones, color; 11 Maps
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You long to escape the daily grind, buy a boat and sail away. This book will inspire your dreams and show you how to turn them into a reality – be it an extended cruise or years away. Written by a yachting journalist who has sailed away for 8 years, together with the contributions of 100 other blue-water cruisers, there are tales a plenty of what it is like to do it from around the world – west, east, north and south. There is also practical advice on everything from choosing a boat to crossing oceans. You’ll be guided through each step of the preparation before casting off on your adventure of a lifetime. There’s information on everything the would-be blue-water sailor needs to consider, including safety, communications, children, ocean passages and budgeting. Learn about routes and destinations around Europe, the Caribbean, the Pacific and beyond to help you cruise the Mediterranean or Baltic, cross the Atlantic or circumnavigate the world. Colour photographs and charts will inspire and inform in this essential guide for the 21st century blue-water sailor.

About The Author

Nicola Rodriguez dared to dream the impossible. She wanted to see the world with her family. She wanted to have her own adventure, a taste of paradise, and most importantly – freedom. Freedom from the demands of life, and time out to explore on every level. With careful planning (and the gift of yachting equipment), her dream came true, allowing her to travel, escape and explore the world by yacht for 8 years, 4 while raising her family.


1 Turning the Dream into Reality

2 Saving Up to Sail Away

3 Choosing & Equipping Your Boat

4 Children on Board

5 Time to Go

6 Life Aboard

7 Deciding Which Way to Go

8 Blue-Water Sailing

9 Cruising the Caribbean

10 Hurricane Season

11 The Pacific & Beyond

12 Sailing Back

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"A must for all aspiring ocean adventurers"

- Yachting Monthly

"A bright cheerful paperback… an easy and absorbing read. "

- Little Ship Club

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