Wind Companion for Racing Sailors

Fiona Campbell, David Houghton

A compact guide which clearly explains how the wind works. It allows you to visualise the invisible and work out how the big-picture forecasts will affect your race course, wherever the venue. This information is vital to constructing a race-winning strategy through identifying wind bends, understanding the clouds, or anticipating a sea breeze.
Date Published :
April 2020
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Editor :
Rosie Williamson
Series :
Practical Companions
Illustration :
6 Halftones, color; 42 Illustrations, color
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ISBN : 9781912621064
Pages : 24
Dimensions : 8.75 X 3.25 inches
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Out of all the explanations for why a sailor has lost out on a race, an unforeseen change in the wind and the weather is by far one of the most frequent. Whether a bad windshift; the non-occurrence of a sea breeze; or being becalmed, the weather has a huge impact on racing. However, it is not hard to turn these problems around. This handy guide has all you need to work out the best way to use the wind to your advantage and boost you up the fleet.
The book covers all the essentials for racing, from why gusts form and where to find them, to the formation of the sea breeze (which is never quite as simple as first appears!). Splash-proof and spiral bound, this little companion stands up to frequent use and serves as a great aide-memoire that will fit into your pocket or kit bag, meaning that you can always work out a detailed forecast for your specific racing area, regardless of whether you are on home territory or on completely new waters.
Wind Companion also clearly and simply develops a more advanced understanding of the wind, such as which clouds indicate weather fronts and when they may occur. This will also allow you to identify and adapt to changes on the water and even during races, giving you a significant advantage over your competition. Such adaptability will give you the opportunity to beat even knowledgeable locals, as there will always be occasions when the wind does something unexpected – but which can always be explained by the wind-wise sailor.
Written by two acclaimed meteorologists, David Houghton and Fiona Campbell, who have advised top sailing teams at all of the big regattas, from Olympics to the America’s Cup, you can’t go far wrong! This book, based on their best-selling Wind Strategy, is packed full of vital information and clear diagrams to visualise the invisible and is a key resource for anyone looking to advance their sailing knowledge and results.

About The Author

Fiona Campbell is a successful meteorologist with a passion for the environment and a love of sailing. Fiona took over from David Houghton the responsibility for advising the UK’s top sailing teams at Olympic, European and World regattas, as well as GBR and other America’s Cup challenges. She has also worked to help boat designers, competitors and race organisers, such as Cowes Week, to optimise their performance. Fiona worked alongside weather legend David Houghton for many years.

David Houghton was a passionate meteorologist, spending over 30 years at the UK Met Office, and was responsible for introducing the marketing of weather services commercially. He was a member of the Royal Meteorological Society from 1949. In 2000 he was awarded the Society’s Michael Hunt Award for “excellence in increasing the understanding of meteorology or its applied disciplines among members of the general public, including particular groups (e.g. sailors)”. David worked as an advisor to Olympic, Admiral’s Cup, America’s Cup and Round the World sailing teams for over 30 years. He also wrote Weather at Sea for cruising sailors.

Rosie Williamson is a keen sailor and avid reader. Being on (or in) the water since she was old enough to stand, she competed for many years in Optimists, then skiffs, and is now heavily involved in university team racing. In her final year studying History at Oxford, this is her first venture into the world of publishing and editing, combining her two chief passions.



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