Sail and Rig

The Tuning Guide

Magne Klann, Øyvind Bordal

The complete guide on how to trim sails and tune rigging for all conditions, making the boat sail faster and safer. Thoroughly researched with riggers, sailmakers and elite sailors, this book should be part of every sailor's basic kit. With hundreds of colour photographs and illustrations throughout it is suitable for all levels of experience.
Date Published :
February 2018
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Illustration :
136 Halftones, color; 122 Diagrams
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781912177103
Pages : 192
Dimensions : 9.5 X 6.75 inches
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The complete guide on how to trim sails and tune rigging for all conditions to make the boat sail faster and safer. A well-trimmed sailing boat is not only faster – it heels less, balances better and is more comfortable. Wear and load is reduced and expensive gear lasts longer. The risk of damage or rig failure is significantly lower when you know how to take care of your rig and sails. This book provides a clear understanding of the dynamics of rig and sail and how to get them working together in harmony with the elements. With hundreds of colour photographs and illustrations throughout, the text is concise and precise, divided into sections to make it easy to find exactly what you need. Research was carried out with professional riggers, sailmakers and international elite sailors as consultants, resulting in a book that should be part of every sailor’s basic kit. This book appeals to every level of sailor – those with limited experience will find much to learn and the experienced sailor can develop competence and knowledge as the different aspects of trim are treated in depth.

About The Author

Magne Klann (born 1970) has always had a passionate relationship with life at sea. Aside from childhood holidays sailing in the Norwegian and Swedish archipelago, he has been active in dinghy racing and worked as a sailmaker. Magne is a photographer and writer, educated in visual communication in England. Together with Øyvind Bordal, he has published several books on sailing in Scandinavia, all of them read widely in the sailing community. In Norway, Magne is also known as the man behind a series of guide books to Scandinavian waters. In this book, he has primarily produced pictures and illustrations.

Øyvind Bordal (born 1967) has been sailing from childhood; dinghy racing, coaching, singlehanded / doublehanded racing and later cruising as a skipper on the open ocean, logging thousands of nautical miles including several Atlantic crossings. Øyvind has studied psychology and history in Oslo and Copenhagen and founded Blue Ocean Media in 2004. As a journalist / writer he has written stories for sailing magazines in many European countries, as well as a series of books on sailing with Magne Klann. In this book, he has primarily written and edited the text.


Introduction. Contents. Foreword. 1 Understanding The Rig. 2 Materials In The Rig. 3 Rigging And Basic Trim. 4 How Do The Sails Work? 5 The Sails: Materials And Construction. 6 Sail Handling. 7 Sail Trim. 8 Practical Sail Trim. 9 Tips And Tricks. Index.


“A practical and passionate guide to choice, maintenance and management of rig and sails… the style is engaging and the explanations logical. It’s well laid out and profusely illustrated. I therefore recommend this book.”

- Yachting Monthly, May 2018

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