Cuba Cars and Cigars

Classic 1950s American Automobiles

Martin Bowman

Unique and previously unpublished photographs of Cuba's classic American and European automobiles, trucks and station-wagons, from Cadillacs and Buicks to Chevys and Fargos. It is a colourful insight into Cuban culture that features people, places, and cigars.
Date Published :
September 2017
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
Illustration :
Color and B&W
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ISBN : 9781781556191
Pages : 144
Dimensions : 9.75 X 6.75 inches
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Cuba Cars and Cigars is full of glorious color images of the rare and varied Cuban-owned 1950s American and European automobiles, trucks, and station wagons that were imported before 1961. Among the famous Marques that feature are Cadillacs, Chevies, Buick, Dodge, Oldsmobile, Ford, Packard, De Soto, Pontiac, Plymouth, Edsel, Mercury and Metropolitan, Hillman, Singer and Austin, Nash Sedans, a Lloyd 600 German 2-cylinder/4-stroke 596cc car, Ramblers and SAABs, Mercs, Humber, Standard Vanguard, Ford Consul/Zephyr, Hillman Husky and Minx, Singer Gazelle and Austin. Most of these vehicles are still in running order, and are passed down from generation to generation. Trucks include Fords, a Fargo, Dodges and Chevys, not forgetting cigars, street urchins, and the lovely ladies of Havana. All of these are uniquely photographed, written and compiled by ‘our man in Havana’.

About The Author

Martin Bowman is an accomplished aerial and landscape photographer with a strong interest in the Second World War and British and US Aviation. He is the author of 132 books on military and commercial aviation as well as photographic books on a variety of subjects. His photographic books include ‘Piston Powered Propliners’, ‘The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’, ‘Jetliner Generation’, ‘Wild Blue Yonder: Glory Days of the 8th AF in England’, and ‘Airs and Graces’. He has also published two books about his native East Anglia: ‘Norfolk: Above and Beyond’ and ‘Echoes of East Anglia’.

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