What is Islam?

W.M. Watt

Date Published :
October 2002
Publisher :
Stacey International
Series :
Series of Arab and Islamic Studies
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ISBN : 9781900988674
Pages : 262
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What is Islam? Now more than ever, people are clamoring for an answer to this question. W. Montgomery Watt's book is reaching a new audience, recently awakened to the strength and significance of the Muslim faith. This study provides a clear understanding of the social and theological systems that underpin Islamic civilization. Islam is presented as a matrix for every aspect of human life; a vision of the world, embodied in the Qur'an, which permeates the fabric of society and dictates individual lives to a minute degree. In the three decades since it was first published, What is Islam? has become recognized as the standard work on Islam for the general reader, brilliantly shedding light on this mighty, often-misunderstood religion

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