The Middle East in London

Date Published :
September 2004
Publisher :
Stacey International
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ISBN : 9781900988490
Pages : 156
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London has grown as a Western centre for Middle Eastern interests. The large number of Middle Easteners living in London contributes to the city's cosmopolitan nature, bringing a new diversity of art and culture to the West. This book documents the three-day conference held by SOAS (The Centre of Near and Middle Eastern Studies) in 2001. The book features speeches by Middle Eastern experts, including Venetia Porter, Fred Halliday, Ahdaf Soueif and a keynote address by Hanan Ashrawi. Art and photography from the conference is displayed in full colour images, accompanied by commentaries. The conference, transformed here into a well-designed book, is interspersed with photographs of modern day Middle Eastern life in London and aims to display the mingling of two cultures. The book should appeal to anyone interested in the art, culture and customs from the Middle East.

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