The Mystical Imagination of Patrick Kavanagh

A Buttonhole in Heaven?

Una Agnew

This illuminating landmark study situates Kavanagh's life and writings squarely in the tradition of Christian mysticism, exploring how his intensely earthly poems celebrate the divine "in the bits and pieces of the everyday."
Date Published :
June 2019
Publisher :
Contributor(s) :
Mary O'Donnell
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ISBN : 9781847308825
Pages : 360
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The poetry of Patrick Kavanagh offers an affirmation not only of the human condition, but of the natural world and of God's presence in the majestic and mundane facets of daily life. In this study of the great Monaghan sage, Una Agnew situates Kavanagh's

About The Author

MARY O'DONNELL is the author of 11 books, both poetry and fiction, including The Light-Makers, Virgin and the Boy and The Elysium Treatment.

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