The Lamb Will Conquer

Reflections on the Knock Apparition

Nigel Woollen

An accessible meditation on the Shrine at Knock and its statues.
Date Published :
October 2017
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781847307897
Pages : 120
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In The Lamb Will Conquer, Father Nigel Woollen offers a thoughtful and inspiring meditation on the 1879 apparition at Knock, with particular emphasis on the tableau of statues, depicting the vision, that are located within the Shrine Chapel. With recourse to apt scripture passages, as well as personal reflections, The Lamb Will Conquer provides fresh, consoling insights into the apparition – a joyful ‘revelation of heaven’ – and explores its enduring symbolism both for our Christian forbears and for pilgrims today. This book encourages readers to engage deeply with the message of Knock and to see in it a call to journey compassionately and lovingly with our neighbours in Christ.

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