China's Media in the Emerging World Order

Hugo de Burgh

Date Published :
April 2018
Publisher :
University of Buckingham Press
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ISBN : 9781908684349
Pages : 256
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China is challenging the mighty behemoths, Google and Facebook, and creating alternative New Media; 750 million people are on its Social Mediascape and there are a billion mobile phones deploying the innovative apps with which Chinese conduct their lives. Though late starters, already four of the world’s leading New Media companies are Chinese.

China's old media television, newspapers, radio - challenge the established powers, long thought unassailable, such as CNN and BBC. Produced in many languages on every continent, they are re-defining the agenda and telling the story China’s way. News and documentary are being followed by entertainment. The world’s biggest manufacturer of TV drama is now making its stories for export.

China’s Media tells you why and how; it investigates the Chinese media, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they are different. Abjuring the customary casual writing off of China’s media as 'propaganda', this book takes them seriously, explains their immense variety and diversity and enables us to get a handle on this new force in the world.

About The Author

Hugo de Burgh is Professor of Journalism at the University of Westminster, where he set up the China Media Centre in 2005. He is also Professor in the School of Media & Communications at Tsinghua University. Previously he was a journalist and television producer for Scottish Television, BBC and (the UK s) Channel4. He has published books on British investigative journalism, Chinese journalism, the professional formation of journalists around the world and on environment journalism.


"This is a very important book. China is becoming the world's leading economic power and the cultural counterpart needs to be explained. China is also now one of the leading areas for new platforms and technologies. Through a combination of comparative reflection, detailed examples and analysis, with a fair-minded and balanced approach, the author gives us an excellent tool with which to understand what is happening. It is clearly laid out, filled with good examples, and brings us up to date with a rapidly changing world. China s Media is an excellent, well written and important survey which should be on the shelves of all those interested in China and in the media."

- Alan MacFarlane, Professor of Anthropology, University of Cambridge

"Hugo de Burgh has a deep knowledge of the Chinese media scene, and in this engagingly written book he examines everything from the official print media to TV reality shows to web blogs. He also analyses the cultural underpinnings of the Chinese media, as well as the government s mentality and the ways it exercises controls. De Burgh succeeds admirably in this insightful portrayal of China s media world."

- Jonathan Unger, Editor, The China Journal, Professor of Political Science, Australian National University

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