Celtic Cubs

Inside The Mind Of The Irish Teenager

Orla McHugh

Date Published :
June 2014
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781905483082

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Celtic Cubs by Orla McHugh is the first Irish-published book by a therapist to adolescents to address the challenges facing Irish teenagers and their families as Irish society and the family unit undergo dramatic changes associated with increasing levels of wealth and the breakdown of traditional institutions such as the Catholic Church. As Irish society changed rapidly in the era of the Celtic Tiger, the traditional reference points of family, the school and the church are changing at a sometimes dizzying pace. Prosperity brought great benefits, but with it came increasing work and financial commitments, and consumerism and advertising place ever greater demands on young people. As our society now struggles to deal with a recession, how can teenagers and parents make sense of this shifting landscape and deal with complex issues such as divorce, substance abuse, family bereavement, depression, suicide, peer pressure and bullying? In Celtic Cubs, therapist Orla McHugh surveys recent research into the teenage experience and the challenges facing Irish teenagers and their parents and guardians. She also gives practical and clear advice and recommendations for both teenagers themselves and those who deal with them on coping with the ups and downs of these difficult years. There is not a parent in this country who will not be more enlightened having read this book!

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