The Domestic Revolution Explained

From Brainwave to Microwave

Stan Yorke

Describes the invention and arrival of aids which transformed domestic drudgery. These range from the basic utilities such as gas and electricity to later labour saving devices such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens.
Date Published :
December 2008
Publisher :
Countryside Books
Series :
England's Living History
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ISBN : 9781846741135
Pages : 128
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Today we take so much for granted, but it wasn't always so! Just a hundred years ago barely half the country had gas and very few had electricity, another hundred years before that and there were no utility supplies at all. Domestic life has changed so dramatically during this period that it can be fascinating to see just how we progressed. This easy to follow book is illustrated by over 160 photographs and drawings and is divided into three time zones.

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