The Great Delusion

Christian Gerondeau

Date Published :
June 2010
Publisher :
Stacey International
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ISBN : 9781906768416
Pages : 256
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An internationally renowned engineer exposes the fantasy world of global warming economics, and debunks the mythology of carbon-dioxide damage.

Gerondeau demonstrates the absurdity of the counter-measures to which the G8 countries are now committed. These complex and formidably expensive measures:

will be nullified by the actions of China and India, where such restrictions are economically and politically unfeasible
will have no discernible effect on the carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere and climate change
make no sense in the light of the impending exhaustion of hydro-carbon sources within the coming century
will come to be viewed as a scarcely credible response to a global delusion amid harmless shifts in climate.

Having sold over 10,000 copies in France, under the title CO2 Un Mythe Planétaire, the book has been brought fully up to date for the English edition. The endorsements of Nigel Lawson and Valéry Giscard d Estaing speak volumes for the authority of this work.

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