Arabia Felix

An Exploration of the Archaeological History of Yemen

Alessandro de Maigret

Date Published :
October 2009
Publisher :
Medina Publishing
Contributor(s) :
Tony Wilkinson
Series :
Origins of Arabia
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ISBN : 9781906768041
Pages : 384
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Italian archaeologist, Alessandro de Maigret, reveals the ancient land of Arabia Felix (today's Yemen), home of the legendary Queen of Sheba, in this work. First, sifting through ancient texts, and the early accounts of travelers, explorers and scientists, he pieces together a picture of our mysteriously incomplete knowledge of the region. Based on his findings at various sites, he seeks to take the reader on a journey back into history, answering questions which have remained shrouded in conjecture. Disproving legends and untangling the confusion of earlier explanations, de Maigret draws together his own findings with those from many other disciplines to present a picture of one of the oldest and least understood societies in the world.

Since its publication in Italian in 1996, this has become the classic introduction to the history and archaeology of southern Arabia. Now in English, it make all the evidence available to a new audience.

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