A Dictionary of Irish Slang and colloquial English in Ireland

Bernard Share

Doolally, on the batter, Belfast confetti, pure mule, crawthumper, flag hopper and fecker come here till I tell you! Hiberno-English is the common speech of Ireland at all social levels. Its continuing vigor and individuality is illustrated here.
Date Published :
September 2008
Publisher :
Gill Books
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780717143900
Pages : 432
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Drawing on a rich heritage of Irish, English, Ulster Scots, Shelta, Hindustani, Swahili and many other linguistic resources, Hiberno-English has retained both its inventiveness and its vigor in a country which now plays host to some 167 languages, suggesting that Ireland will continue to make new words for old in the spirit of its own highly distinctive idiom. From the reviews of previous editions. "This is worth its weight in gold-dust, for at last we have a proper, and often improper, dictionary of Irish slang."-Hugh Leonard, Sunday Independent. "Joyce would have loved it."-John Boland, The Times (London). "The book can take its place on the shelf beside the great Eric Partridge himself and there is no greater tribute."-Sean McMahon, Irish Independent. "Slanguage is an exceptionally well researched work of reference."-John Slevin, RTE Guide. "Much of the book is a joy to read."-Brian Griffin, International Journal of Lexicography. "This is quite simply an outstandingly brilliant piece of Sherlock-Holmesing, characterized by both authenticity and wit."-Aubrey Malone, Books Ireland.

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