The Professional Touch

Carol Bugg

Date Published :
March 2009
Publisher :
Capital Books
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781933102719

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Honestly, aren't you tired of spending your weekends pouring over paint chips, trying to measure your own windows accurately; fighting shopping crowds and unhelpful, unknowledgeable sales people; putting complicated furniture together; and deliberating over which colors will make you happiest? Now imagine the fun and convenience of having your own personal interior decorator come to your home to take care of your challenging design project—with talent, creative ideas, and an incredible array of brand names you love, all to fit your taste, your style and most importantly your budget—that's what this book promises.

Carol Donayre Bugg, a veteran interior designer who with her husband helped build Interiors by Decorating Den into an internationally famous interior design franchise, takes you room-by- room into the homes of people she and her fellow decorators have transformed. Full color "before and after” photographs show you what a decorator can do for you; and woven through out is Carol's own fascinating decorator's story illustrating how she solved her own decorating dilemmas and developed the style and grace for which she is known.

"Believe me. Everybody thinks they know how to decorate their own home until they start. Carol and her amazing cohorts from Decorating Den can make what could be a terrifying experience into one that's perfectly gorgeous." --Bob Mackie, Bob Mackie Design Group, Ltd.


This lovely book is filled with photos and commentaries by Carol, who has spent forty years in what she loves: helping people express themselves tastefully in their homes and businesses. Carol's husband, Jim, and she started their marriage and their franchise decorating business, Decorating Den, four decades ago and have decorated homes all over the world, working for average people and for stars, politicians, and royalty. They have experiences and credits to their business that make for a friendly, personal read, which will help you find your own style for decorating, or you can order their help. A lovely coffee table book to display, filled with great information and photos.

- Bonnie Neely, Amazon, April 2009

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