The Dogs Who Grew Me

A Tribute to the Six Dogs Who Taught Me What Really Matters in Life

Ann Pregosin

A must-have for all animal lovers, a loving tribute to six remarkable dogs who knew how to live.
Date Published :
April 2002
Publisher :
Capital Books
Series :
Capital Ideas
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ISBN : 9781892123626
Pages : 300
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Join Ann Pregosin and her six singular dogs in this delightful "walk in the park." First meet her childhood Moppet, the lively little American Cocker Spaniel who taught her about love; then Della, the sleek black Great Dane who taught her devotion. Tag along with Timber, the wolf-hybrid whose extraordinary beauty inside and out taught her grace. Meet Boo, her iron-willed Rottweiler, who taught her that no one is exempt from the bad things in life. Indulge yourself as Daisy, her chocolate American Cocker Spaniel, becomes the Master Instructor of the merits of "creature comforts;" and celebrate with Tyler, her Bernese Mountain Dog, who is teaching her how essential it is to really appreciate the joys of life. The other lessons taught by these six dogs that "grew" Pregosin as a person are as seemingly simple, but ultimately as profound as the unfettered wag of a happy dog's tail.

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