Another Language

Portraits of Assistance Dogs and Their People

Jeanne Braham

A beautiful kaleidoscope of care, courage, and commitment
Date Published :
March 2012
Publisher :
Bauhan Publishing
Contributor(s) :
Robert Floyd
Illustration :
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ISBN : 9780872331501
Pages : 144
Dimensions : 9 X 7 inches
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Few of the 65 million dog owners in the United States would dispute the notion that a dog's presence in their lives nurtures emotional and physical well-being. But for some people with disabilities, the presence of a highly trained assistance dog in their lives is utterly transformative. Another Language focuses on one year in the life of the NEADS/Dogs For Deaf and Disabled Americans program in north-central Massachusetts, one of the oldest and largest assistance dog training centers in the U.S.

Through profiles that celebrate the healing bonds between service dogs and their people, these oral histories backed by the power of photographs bring to life the stories of sixteen people who have worked with NEADS. Through these stories told in their own words, you'll meet an Iraq war veteran, people who use wheelchairs or who have balance problems due to debilitating disease, trainers who raise service puppies and others who work with NEADS' human clients, and more. Writer/interviewer Jeanne Braham, along with photographer Robert Floyd, portray these human/canine partnerships in a way that's respectful, compassionate, and compelling.

About The Author

Author of five books on American arts and letters, Jeanne Braham has taught literature and creative writing at a number of colleges and universities, including Allegheny College, Smith College, Hampshire College, the University of New Hampshire, and Clark University. She is the founding editor of Heatherstone Press, a fine arts publisher of poetry chapbooks, and lives in western Massachusetts.

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