Get Bushwise: On Safari Desert, River, Bushveld

A Young Explorer's Guide

Nadine Clarke

A book comprising three lively children's nature guides, brings together a treasure trove of information, colorful images, games and activities for young readers
Date Published :
March 2013
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
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ISBN : 9781431702060

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A local guide leads adventurers on safaris into three surprisingly varied worlds: the bushveld, a river and a desert. Each environment brings its unique flavor to the adventure; multiple images (both photos and illustrations) and interesting text introduce the region's fascinating wildlife with its intriguing habits and lifestyles.

Readers are encouraged to play along by means of engaging activities, games and quizzes, with answers at the end of each section. Nature's edible treats and useful props are introduced, along with survival techniques for the young explorer. This volume illuminates three important southern African natural arenas, and will engage readers from cover to cover. The perfect book to plan your own adventure!


"On Safari: A Young Explorer's Guide to Desert, River, Bushveld" by Nadine Clarke is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING book that every African family should have to enjoy and learn all they could ever want to know about the natural habitat of that continent and how to survive in the desert, bush or near a river. The many wildlife photos on every page are explained, giving the habits and what to expect, what is dangerous, what is fascinating, as well as fun activities and crafts to do in nature. You will learn plants and bugs that you can eat, some are even tasty and all are nutritious. You can even find a toothbrush and toothpick growing on trees. A snail's shell becomes your cup for water…the book is FASCINATING!!! I hope someone will do one for each of the other continents just like this one. But even if you live outside of Africa the book is a treasure of knowledge about wildlife we all want to see but usually only are able to do so in zoos or on TV or the Internet. The wealth of knowledge and fun in this book is incomparable, and ALL children and ALL adults will LOVE this BOOK!

- Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures

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