Nature’s Own Pharmacy

Betsie Rood

A comprehensive collection of South African remedies from nature
Date Published :
May 2013
Publisher :
Protea Boekhuis
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ISBN : 9781869198404

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This book is a comprehensive collection of South African “veld” remedies. Betsie Rood supplies the botanical name, popular names and description of each and every indigenous plant species, as well as its range of uses. This book is a national treasure, not only because it collects centuries’ worth of knowledge, remedies and tips, but also because the various uses to which different local cultures put the same plants are listed in full. There has been a marked revival of interest in herbs and natural remedies. Experts also claim that health and beauty are two industries that will experience phenomenal growth in the next two decades. The first edition of Uit die Veldapteek was such a success that a second edition is much in demand today.


"Nature's Own Pharmacy by Betsie Rood is an interesting compendium of plants of South Africa and their medicinal use for many different ailments. The book is a collection of Folk Wisdom and experience, with no claim for scientific basis and the foreword even explains that the author is not to be held responsible for any adverse effects of the preparations of remedies as described in the book. She has collected fold remedies from over 2,000 people of all races in South Africa and has told the scientific name of the plant and how the preparation is made and which ailments it is purported to assuage. Some of these natural plant parts can be stored safely for whenever they are needed; some must be picked fresh. They may be boiled, crushed, applied topically or ingested or sniffed, and many are placed in brandy for the cure. The book is very interesting, especially since our present generation the world over have become jaded as to chemical formulas which cost a fortune and are turning more and more to the abundant pharmacy in nature."

- Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures

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