Guide to Succulents of Southern Africa

Neil Crouch, Gideon Smith

Succulents are increasingly popular in the face of the need for water-wise gardening, and this handy book serves as a guide to many well-known varieties
Date Published :
November 2009
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
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ISBN : 9781770076624

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Twenty-five per cent of southern African flora is succulent in nature, and a remarkable forty per cent of the world's succulent plants occur in South Africa. The book will highlight the diversity of succulents that occur in the region with special emphasis on the larger groups –mesems (vygies) and aloes. The book covers approximately 250 individual species, focusing on the most common and most interesting, and each entry features a photograph and distribution map.

About The Author

GIDEON SMITH is Chief Director: Biosystematics Research and Biodiversity Collections at the SA National Biodiversity Institute. He is involved in various national and international environmental associations and advisory committees. His interests are in the biology and classification of succulent plants, as well as landscaping and horticulture. South Africa’s most prolific author on succulent plants, he has authored or co-authored ±40 books, and more than 500 research and popular papers, mostly on succulents.

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