East Coast Seabirds

A visual guide to the Sea and Shore Birds of the Maritime Provinces

Jeffrey C. Domm

An easy to use, illustrated guidebook to the birds found on the shores, beaches, and marshes of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. Also included are seasonal visitors passing through on their way to Canada's North.
Date Published :
May 2019
Publisher :
Formac Publishing Ltd.
Series :
Formac Pocketguides
Illustration :
80+ color illustrations
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781459505643
Pages : 96
Dimensions : 8 X 5.5 inches
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This book features seashore and water birds commonly found on Nova Scotia's coastal and inland waterways. The book makes it easy to identify small birds found along the beach, gulls and ducks swimming offshore, and unusual marsh birds. It outlines their names, identifying features, calls, and the times of year when they are most likely to be seen in Nova Scotia. The book features full-color illustrations, an observation calendar, and keys to identifying characteristics of each bird — size, foot type, flight characteristics, feeding technique, and egg type, if breeding in Nova Scotia. This is a handy reference for beginners and practiced birders, and includes twenty-five suggested locations around the province where good birdwatching is assured.

About The Author

JEFFREY C. DOMM has had a lifelong interest in nature and wildlife. Over the past two decades he has illustrated more than 20 wildlife books, including the bestselling Formac Pocketguide to Nova Scotia Birds series. He lives and works close to the shores of Halifax Harbour, in the village of Cow Bay, Nova Scotia.