The true story of a Great White Shark’s journey into history

Richard Peirce

In 2004 a Great White Shark crossed the Indian Ocean twice. Her story - a mix of actual events and conjecture - will promote awareness of the plight of sharks.
Date Published :
November 2017
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Penguin Random House South Africa
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full color photographs
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ISBN : 9781775845348
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Sharks are among the most persecuted animals on Earth. Nicole’s blockbuster story lifts the lid on the shocking details of the trade in shark fins, and raises awareness of the plight of sharks in the 21st century.

In November 2003 a female Great White Shark was tagged near Dyer Island in South Africa. Her tag popped up in February 2004, just south of Western Australia. The shark, later to be named Nicole (after shark enthusiast Nicole Kidman), had swum an epic 11,000 km. Scientists were even more surprised when she was identified back in South Africa in August 2004 – she had covered 22,000 km in less than nine months, using pinpoint navigation both ways.

Since then, many Great Whites have been tagged and have shown a propensity for undertaking long migrations – but none has yet matched Nicole's amazing feat. This story incorporates a blend of science, actual events and real people, along with conjecture as to what might have happened on Nicole's momentous journey.

About The Author

Richard Peirce is best known as a shark conservationist – his main focus for over 20 years. Chairman of the Shark Conservation Society and the Shark Trust, he has authored several books on the topic. Richard and his wife Jacqui are confirmed nomads who spend half the year inSouth Africa; their love of wildlife takes them to the bush at every opportunity.

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