Watching Great Meadow

A Place of Joy, A Place of Woe

Gordon Russell

The eye-opening chronicle of a wetland and its inhabitants' fight for survival in a changing climate
Date Published :
March 2016
Publisher :
Bauhan Publishing
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ISBN : 9780872332102
Pages : 320
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Gordon Russell has spent the last twenty years chronicling the flora and fauna of the Great Meadow marshland in New Hampshire. His compelling journal of daily observations provides readers of all ages with a cautionary look at the results of human impact on the natural world right outside their doors.

About The Author

President of the Russell Farm and Forest Conservation Foundation, Gordon Russell taught environmental studies in public schools in New Hampshire and Massachusetts before retiring in 1978. He has spent years mentoring college interns majoring in environmentalism and conservation, and received many awards for his volunteerism and five decades of conservation work in land and water protection. Russell and his wife Barbara live in New Boston, New Hampshire, on the edge of the Great Meadow marsh.


2000: Ospreys whistle. Herons croak.
2001: Bullfrogs boom. Bitterns gulp.
2002: Wood ducks squeal. Tiny frogs peep.
2003: Pied-billed grebes coo. Killdeer cry.
2004: Beavers grunt. Canada geese chat.
2005: Hummingbirds squeak. Coyotes croon.
2006: River otters snort. Black-crested cormorants grumble.
2007: Tree swallows gurgle. Green frogs gulp.
2008: Barred owls count. Cedar waxwings twitter.
2009: Tree frogs trill. Orioles chime.
2010: Great egrets rasp. Great blue herons gronk.
2011: Snapping turtles hiss. Moose grunt.
2012: Wild turkeys gobble. Hooded mergansers mutter.
2013: Ravens kraak. Muskrats whine.
2014: A man sighs.

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