Green China

Heather Angel

Date Published :
July 2008
Publisher :
Stacey International
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ISBN : 9781905299645
Pages : 196
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China is one of the most diverse countries on Earth, whose habitats range from the vast deserts of the northwest and the Tibetan Plateau, through forested mountain slopes, to a myriad of rivers and lakes and the steamy tropical forests of the far south. China is home to many rare and threatened species, and conservation is now a firm priority for the Chinese government. Interest in China s green heritage has never been greater, and this is growing fast as eco-tourism takes off and as the Chinese Government starts to grapple with problems of conservation and environment protection.

Although much of China's fertile lowlands are intensively cultivated, there remain plenty of wild areas rich in unusual animals and plants, from giant pandas to colorful pheasants and peacocks, and the Chinese alligator (probable model for the famous Chinese dragon). China is also home to beautiful and intriguing plants the rare ginkgo tree, thousands of herbs as well as species with healing properties.

Richly illustrated throughout with specially commissioned world-class photographs, Green China is both a celebration of China s natural world and a general introduction to the flora, fauna and landscapes of one of the world s most diverse countries.

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