Go Green, Girlfriends

10 Earth-Friendly Getaways for You & Your Friends

Stacey Sorensen

Date Published :
August 2009
Publisher :
Capital Books
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ISBN : 9781933102740

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Whether you are looking for a change or a challenge, to celebrate the earth or help clean it up, Go Green, Girlfriends is the book for you. Veteran travel agent and party planner, Stacey Sorensen puts together all the information you need to plan a range of earth-friendly adventures--from an Outward Bound trek to Costa Rico's rainforests to a weekend of whitewater rafting on a green clean American river; from a lively Green Festival in DC, Chicago, or San Francisco to an eco-tour of a Utah national park; from watching gators at an eco-ranch in Florida to sipping organic wine in Italy or the Napa Valley; from joining a national Coastal Cleanup Day to running (or walking) a marathon for your favorite environmental cause. Organize the entire trip with Stacey's savvy travel tips, planning checklists and helpful hints, space for your guest list and booking information, packing guidance, invitations and souvenir ideas, and much more. This book is designed to make your travel effortless and joyful, so you can just relax and reconnect with the earth and your friends.


Travel has been stated as a major contributor to the decay of the earth. ‘Go Green, Girlfriends!: 10 Earth-Friendly Getaways for You and Your Friends' discusses eco-friendly trips that one can take to have fun while keeping one's conscience clean. From eco-minded festivals to high adventure and a green girl's night out, ‘Go Green, Girlfriends' is a top pick for anyone who wants to party and keep the planet around for more parties.

- The Bookwatch, December 2009

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