500 Common Bird Calls in Southern Africa

Doug Newman

Identify bird calls with this handy guide and CD of calls, which features 500 distinctive southern African species.
Date Published :
October 2013
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
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ISBN : 9781431701209

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The book gives a brief account for each species, including description of song, associated behavior, similar-sounding species, favored habitat, and a distribution map. The introduction discusses bird vocalizations, differences between true songbirds and non-songbirds and why calls often change with the seasons and time of day. The CD gives the song or distinctive call of each species. Have hours of fun delving into the endlessly fascinating language of birds with this concise guide.

About The Author

DOUG NEWMAN is an electrical engineer with a keen interest in birds, and a special interest in their calls. He is co-founder of the Simply Birding website.

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